Barry Weber

I was born at Fort Belvoir, Virginia and raised in Toano, Virginia. I have been married to my wife, Terri Weber, for 26 years.  We have three daughters, Mary (she wouldn't want her age put out there), Emily (25), and Angela (21).

I work for a local company that manages several shopping centers of which I oversee in Williamsburg, Va. Beach, and Richmond. 

I have been involved in church nearly my whole life.  In 2001, I was attending a local church in the area and begin to feel like the Lord was leading us in another direction.  So, I started praying and asking God where He would like our family to go.  We had visited Faith Fellowship when it had first started, mainly because I knew Pastor Jerry long before he was a Pastor.

After several weeks of praying, I ran into Pastor Jerry and Pastor Chris at my job.  They were on their way to get lunch, so I joined them. After lunch they invited me out to service.  That following Sunday our family attended and we have been here ever since.

It is the message of Grace and the feeling of family that keeps us here.  I currently have the privilege of serving our church as one of the Elders.